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Testimonial #1

 "Our remodel project turned out great! We had a bathroom addition built which looks amazing, our kitchen remodel is better than we had hoped for, and we have the impressive front porch that I have always wanted! We did not realize the depth of construction these days and had our moments of frustration, but it will help us to be prepared for any future remodels. Thank you Lavish Builders, LLC, and your hard working crew, for a job well done! " 

Posted by: Kim Grabarek on September 17th 2018

Testimonial #2

 "Our experience with Lavish Builders and there team was exceptional from start to finish. They are very knowledgeable and the project was done on time.  I'm also very pleased with the quality of work. I will recommend them to anyone looking for a builder!"

Posted by: Nick Patrick on July 30th 2018

Testimonial #3

" Great work! Quality craftsmanship! Very pleased with outcome of our forever home!"

Posted by: Brandi D. on June 17th 2017